Aug 13

Atomic Bear Pressâ„¢ newsletter – Summer 2004

In this issue:  Comic-Con-2004, Updated Website, Wondercon 2005/APE 2005

Comic-Con 2004:

I just want to say ‘Hi’ to everyone who made Comic-Con in San Diego really great this year. It was a nice chance to meet lot’s of new artist and fans alike.

I was pleased to bring to the con issue #2 of my fantasy comic book, Beyond the Great Chimney. I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you. For more info please visit my website:

The Convention section has photos from Comic-Con 2004 now on-line:

New Website:

I wanted to invite you to visit my re-designed and improved website at:  The whole site has been streamlined for your enjoyment.

One of the new features is my Atomic Bear news and notes section.  I am using a blog format to post updates on my art work, my comic “Beyond the Great Chimney”, links, and what ever tickles my fancy. So if you know a really cool link or story, why not pass it along.  Maybe I’ll post it up so the world can read it. My goal is to update it almost every day. Check it out at:

I have updated my comic book section to included information on Beyond the Great Chimney #2.

It’s at:

The portfolio section has some new art that many of you haven’t seen so check it out at:

WONDERCON 2005 / APE 2005

Just a reminder that Wondercon is in February this year (the comic-con folks switched it with APE), Feb 18-20, in beautiful San Francisco. APE will be April 9-10 this year. Come on down and check out LOTS of new an exciting thing on hand at the conventions. See you there!

Brian Kolm

CEO and Head Bear

Atomic Bear Press

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